Bird Watching


Birds that can be seen throughout the year in the Ty Poeth garden.

Powys comprises the former counties of Breconshire, Mongomeryshire & Radnorshire.

Powys is a very large county including a number of medium sized towns and a lot of open country with bleak mountains, bog, Coniferous Forest Plantation and many streams and lakes or man-made reservoirs. The most natural and rich habitat are hanging woodlands - wooded slopes and gorges typically consisting of oak and much favoured by the speciality birds of the area, wood warbler, pied flycatcher and redstarts as well as all three woodpeckers and typical upland stream birds such as dipper and grey wagtail.

It is, too, famed as the stronghold of the remnant red kite population that survived the extinction in the rest of the British Isles. Now much expanded and, hopefully, about to cross-breed with the newly re-introduced English populations. Websites below detail the best places to see kites at a number of places where they are regularly fed. Feeding times often attract raven and buzzard in large numbers too.


Bird guide for Britain 

The bird of Wales is without question the Red Kite. For many years the only ones in Great Britain were the handful clinging on, and only just, in a few remote Welsh valleys.

On many streams and rivers Goosanders, Kingfishers, Grey Wagtails and Dippers can be seen while Little Ringed Plovers nest on some gravel banks. 


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